About Our Sessions

Inspire Fitness strives to be a professional fitness, dance school. We will have you climbing, spinning and inverting your way to a better body in no time. Pole Fitness has increased in popularity, changed it's stigma and become a recognised sport over the last 10 years! We are proud to say we have been teaching for that long! Over the last few years we have added aerial hoop, silks, pole fabric and trapeze classes to our venues.

Our classes are purely for fitness, there is no wiggling involved! Sports clothing and trainers are required. Strictly no high heels. Shorts and bare feet may feel more comfortable as you attend more sessions in pole and pole fabric, however sports trousers are fine. Aerial hoop, silks and trapeze require tight fitting clothing such as leggings.

Participants do not need to be fit already; there is something for everybody in our sessions and courses. Some will find that they can pick up moves quicker than others and some will find they can link moves more easily. Your Information Pack outlines some exercises you may wish to carry out at home in between sessions; these will help with muscular strength. Don't be put off if you can't do a press up! Our classes are designed to build strength throughout the sessions.

Each class begins with a brief aerobic warm up moving on to a 5 minute muscular, strength and endurance section. In this section we aim to build the core muscles needed, this section involves press ups, sit ups and other muscle building exercises. Following this M.S.E. section your instructor will move on to a stretch section, we work on becoming more flexible each session, you do not need to be fit, strong or flexible to begin our classes. The stretch section completes the warm up and your instructor will next explain and demonstrate a move on the equipment. All participants will be given time to practice and perfect each move whilst the instructor moves around the class speaking to individuals, instructing and demonstrating until the class is ready for the next move.

Unfortunately moisturising lotions and creams make the equipment slippery. We advise that no such moisturisers are used on the day of a session. We also recommend that you remove all jewellery before class and avoid wearing false nails.

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