The Instructors

Georgie has enjoyed a variety of dance styles, Contemporary Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Street. She also spent many years learning Gymnastics from a young age. Georgie is a keen Skier and likes to spend time in the Gym working out. She is quietly determined to achieve all those scary super advanced moves and loves teaching doubles workshops. "I love instructing Pole Fitness classes, they incorporate fitness and dance. Building tone and muscle whilst having fun is a great way to work out"
Favourite Move - Twisted Grip Handspring

Harri has enjoyed a variety of dance styles, Contemporary Ballet, Tap, and Street Dance. Harri is also a keen Horse Rider. She attends a range of group fitness classes and enjoys working out. Harri is the brave one at Inspire Pole Fitness, give her a move and she has mastered it almost straight away. Harri is our 'no fear' instructor! "Pole Fitness is a way in which I can combine two of my passions, dancing and fitness. I love the challenge of a new move."
Favourite Move Ė Iron X

Lyndsey too took lessons in Ballet and Tap. She has a keen passion for instructing group exercise classes and is currently expanding her qualifications. Lyndsey has been Boxing for years and is a big fan of the new Zumba craze. She has even met Ricky Hatton! Lyndsey loves spinning pole and regularly teaches our spinning pole workshops. "I always wanted to try pole fitness; I took the plunge and came to a course with my sister. I have never looked back, Iím hooked."
Favourite Move - Inspire Diva

Kirsty used to swim for our County in many competitions; she was also a keen gymnast. Kirsty enjoys attending the gym and loved exercise classes so much, she decided to get qualified and teach. She is very creative and is a qualified hair stylist. "I really enjoy group exercise classes; after becoming qualified to teach group exercise I decided to have a go at pole. The possibilities are never ending; I can combine my fitness and creative side creating routines and new moves. There is always something new to work at."
Favourite Move - Extended Butterfly

Melody has always loved dance and from a young age attended various classes from Ballet to Street. She is a keen horse rider and actress, as well as Pole she teaches Drama to both Primary and Secondary level students. She was also a keen gymnast. "I love to keep fit, however get bored with merely running or attending the Gym. I always try and go for fun innovative ways to get fit, dance is always a great way to enjoy exercise! Over the years I have tried Groove FX classes, Zumba, Aqua-Aerobics and then 6 years ago my best friend Harri and I, discovered the wonderful world of Pole Fitness! We have never looked back! Pole has offered us new challenges both physically and mentally, fantastic new upper-body strength, fabulous new friends and of course a fun way to tone up and get fit! Having just had a baby last year, Pole has helped me begin to get back the body I want, regain my confidence and give me that all important girly time to myself once a week!!
Favourite move: Genie and Spinning Pole

Ange has always enjoyed exercise of one form or another. In her younger years, Ange used to dance (ballet and jazz), trampoline and work out in the gym using free weights. Ange was first introduced to Pole Fitness when asked by her daughter to accompany her to pole classes. That was it, Ange was hooked and has continued to learn pole even after her daughter returned to Uni! Ange loves to travel and enjoys hot sunny climates and sandy beaches; she is also a keen skier, although these days cheerfully admits that she prefers to ski in Ďsunnyí weather rather than the cold of deepest winter. Ange is a true inspiration, with her daughters in their twenties, Ange can show them a move or two! "Pole has fast become my passion, I am totally hooked, it has increased my fitness, flexibility and stamina and I love the challenge of mastering and teaching new moves. Pole is suitable for a wide age range, Iím proof of that!"
Favourite Moves - Inspire Diva and Allegra

Sam first took up pole whilst studying at university. It soon developed into a passion of which Sam has been hooked ever since. This passion has driven Sam to train hard and, in the short time that he has been taking part in pole fitness, he has been recognised in national competitions: winning overall best competitor in the pole for U and I 2012 competition, as well as making it into the final of the UK Amateur Pole Performer competition after being recognised as the judges choice in his respective heat. ďComing from a background where I had limited physical fitness myself, I strongly believe that people of all ages and abilities can get a great deal of satisfaction from pole fitness as well as getting fitter themselves.Ē
Favourite move: Shouldermount

When Jess first laid her eyes on a pole she knew it was exactly what she had been looking for! As a child Jess learned gymnastics as well as Ballet, Street, Hip-hop and Latin. Later on she was introduced to lyrical/contemporary which she loved the most. Having this dance background Jess then went on to do A Levelís in both Sport and Dance which supported her towards completing her Exercise to Music Certificate (ETM). "Instructing fitness classes has always been what I wanted to do. I love pole. Iím definitely ADDICTED! Learning new moves and spins is my passion. Iím the kind of person who will walk down the street with her music on and just want to dance.. Hyperactive and mental is definitely me!"
Favourite Move - Straight Leg Layback
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