Pole Review by instructor, Lyndsey

X Pole Xpert

This is the traditional floor to ceiling pole. It is bottom loading and static and spinning! So no ladders are needed to put it up like the old ones! Available in 45mm, which is fantastic for anyone with smaller hands or those who are slightly less confident when trying out pole moves, or 50mm for anyone who is used to a larger hand grip and likes a larger surface area to grip onto, especially for upside down and advanced moves. The double width support dome that fits on top of it is brilliant as it covers a larger area; this is especially useful as it needs to be fitted onto the ceiling covering at least one joist for stability, not just for the pole, but for yourself and your home! The Micro Articulating Base on the bottom makes it easy to set up on uneven floors as it adapts to the surface you put it on, and it comes with carry cases for easy transportation! The X pert is available in chrome and titanium gold which is a special electronic coating to enhance grip. I love the gold pole it’s awesome for more advanced moves as you feel slightly more confident on it due to the fact you know its coating is helping you grip. It also looks gorgeous and a little more unique. Of course the chrome is the traditional choice, it looks professional and in your mind’s eye, if you’ve never used or owned a pole before, you know that’s the one you’re imagining….

X Stage

These poles dominate any room! They look fantastic and really intriguing to anyone who has never used one before. This is a freestanding pole that can have either a 50mm or 45mm pole which stands inside the circular 320mm high base and is really easy to assemble. The base unit folds out and 6 large pie shaped plates slot in between the base legs creating the ‘stage’. This is what makes it so secure as the base and the plates are very heavy. For extra stability you can even pull out the extension stabilisers (extra-long legs!) which are in the base units feet. This pole is fabulous for making an impact! You can take it anywhere with you as it comes with carry cases for each section and can be used static or spinning. Overall it is a fantastic freestanding pole, the stability of it is outstanding and any move can be carried out with confidence.

X Stage Lite

This is the smaller stage version of the X stage. Again it is freestanding and available with either a 50mm or 45mm pole. The assembly of it is exactly the same as the X stage the only difference with this pole is the height of the stage which is 110mm, meaning it is a lot lower. The stability options are the same as the X stage with extension stabilisers available to pull out from under each leg of the base and the weight of the plates that are slotted in are the same as well. As the stage is a lot lower I do think that the stability is compromised slightly, so on certain grounds (grass etc.) where the pole is placed I think it is advisable to pull out the extension stabilisers. However it is still fantastic to use and great if you want a portable pole which is static and spinning. Its looks really professional and is fabulous if you like to do floor work or handstand off the pole as the transition from the floor to the stage is minimal and much easier to work with rather than the X Stage. So if you’re a performer who likes to stomp around in heels and give an amazing all round performance, any time, any place, this is the pole for you!!

R Pole Professional

This pole is very unique! With is 38mm Pole it is the thinnest Pole I have ever used, maybe not including a broom I once attempted to swing around….Don’t try that at home! The pole is freestanding and can be put up and taken down fairly quickly. The bars that make up the base and legs of the pole are thick and sturdy and slot into each other to create a stable base. You then slot in pieces of foam in between the “legs” so that when the safety mat is placed on top, available in 4ft or 6ft, you don’t sink through the holes. The mats are available in a few different colours allowing you to make your own unique pole and you can even get your business logo or name printed on them too! Ultra Professional! The mat feels really safe and is easy to conduct moves from. The Pole is available in PINK or black as well, so the fun continues with the pole designing and mixture of colours you can have. The coloured poles offer an increased grip compared to the stainless steel versions. The coating on these poles, as well as ANY pole that is used, should be cared for and wearing jewellery, or having sharp objects on clothing such as belt buckles or zips could cause it to peel or scratch. This pole is fabulous for creating a unique style and showing off your moves. The small pole is great for smaller hand grips however some may not like the thinness off it especially some advanced polers who require more area to grip with the harder moves. I found that spins on it were great and you could fully wrap your hand around it so you feel so much more secure especially for one handed and reverse grab spins. However when inverting and leg grips were required I personally found it a little more uncomfortable.

Poles are all down to personal preference so know your style and understand what you think you want from your pole. Know your price limit and don’t compromise, it’s a lot of money to spend and you want to get the most out of it!

Handy hints and tips:

Avoid jewellery and sharp objects on any pole!
Keep the pole clean and wipe it regularly to avoid slipping and to keep it in good condition.
Use a clean cloth, microfiber ones work well, as does neat vodka! A brilliant cleaning agent for your pole!
Mighty Grip and Dry Hands are just 2 of the amazing ranges of Pole Grip enhancers available. Dry Hands effectively gets rid of moisture so its fab for sweaty hands or nervous performers and those who want to become more confident at spins. Mighty Grip is awesome for ultimate grip on hands, thighs, arms etc. It really helps for more advanced moves and holding moves for long periods of time.
All our instructors have extensive knowledge on different types of poles and grips, if you need more information ask one of us or check out www.x-pole.co.uk or www.r-polefitness.com

Inspire Pole Fitness does not endorse or recommend any particular brand or type of pole, comments in this review are personal to Lyndsey and are an opinion only.

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